Biomass, the Source of Green Energy

Sugar cane residue can be used as a biofuel
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Biomass or bioenergy is seen as the main source of green energy that can be implemented, as it is using organic material, plants, animal waste and wood to create electricity, heat being of a great help in the production of bio fuels. The fact is, that with biomass hot water or hot air can be obtained to further generate electricity. The process involves direct combustion, though it is seen as the simplest mean to obtain energy using biomass.

As mentioned before, biomass is helpful in producing hot air thus being considered a greener way of having our house and/or office heated. For this procedure you would have to burn the biomass in a furnace where the air is heated and then sent to warm up our office or home. Water can be as well heated with the same efficiency of heating the air.

Combining the potential of producing heat with producing electricity this can lead to generating a Combined Heat and Power – CHP. This ability to multiple purposing is something that experts consider to be the best of the biomass characteristics.

If you compare the solar sources for producing electricity and the biomass for the same purpose you will obtain more electricity produced by biomass. This power from within the biomass comes from the energy that plants and organic materials have taken from the sun storing it inside resulting in a huge mass of sun energy that can be given by the ‘concentrated form’ of the organic stuff.

This energy doesn’t need to be collected as it happens with the solar panels as it is available in this organic forms.

While biomass is used extensively there won’t be any dependency on oil production and as such no costs involved to have it. There is however a downside of the way this bioenergy is created – the fact that the waste needs to be burned in order to produce power.

This will be seen as an addition to the pollution that exists already in the environment that will trigger the signal of the ecologists and the concerns of many scientists from everywhere. But considering that bioenergy is related to plants, the future can be green, clean and renewable.

Plants are in fact the ones to take care and scrub the carbon dioxide from the air, as such being able to reduce the pollution. Using the biomass there will be the need of more plants growing and other green organic forms of life, therefore the land that has given oil can be used now into obtaining more crops to be harvested into getting more sources ready to produce biomass/bioenergy.

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Saving and making money with Green Energy

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Green energy is an often discussed topic these days. A lot of people believe that green energy is only great for the environment and that we have to use it in order to make our world safer and productive.

In reality, the costs are high for green energy but you can also save some serious money with it. Therefore it is a cost efficient solution besides being ecologically friendly. There are five important aspects influenced by green energy.

These aspects are described below in this article so that you can decide yourself if green energy is good for you:

1) The utility bill

The electric utility bill is about $200 every month for an average American family. This means that Americans spend an average of $2500 every year only on electricity. If you will only use solar cells supplying your house, you will save this money and you can use them in other purposes.

2) Taxes

If you are one of those embracing green energy, you should know that there are several government policies that will help you save some money. This is because green energy is great for the government too as it reduces the quantity of finite energy consumed. There are tax cuts you can benefit from if you choose green energy for your home.

3) The value of your home

If you will have solar cells on the house, its value will certainly increase. This is a known fact because and it is an important one too. If you will decide to sell your house in the future, you will be able to sell it at a higher price thanks to these solar cells.

4) Energy abundance

You can even make some money with green energy and you should be aware of this practice. If you will make more green energy than you need, you can sell it back to the energy company and make some serious profit out of it. This is another practice embraced by the government.

In conclusion, it is your choice if you decide to embrace green energy or not. However, you should make an informed decision and this is why you should be aware of the possibilities for saving and making money out of green energy. You can make and save an entire income if you realize the potential of green energy these days. You will be able to resell the extra energy and make some serious money in some cases.

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Green Energy used for efficient homes

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There are many types of efficient homes in the world. In these harsh economical times we live in, the cost efficiency should be an important aspect of our lives. There are homes using solar rays or solar warmth for heating and geothermal water heating. These are probably the most popular types of green energy used around the globe.

Besides these types, there are wind powered homes which use the power of the wind for producing renewable green energy. Being a lot of types, many people ask themselves which are the best options for their homes. In this article you will find the best working types of green energy efficient homes.

There are many types of green energy you can use for your home and the best idea in this matter would be to use all of them in a combination for the best efficiency, If you want an efficient home, you should keep in mind that choosing only one method or another you will not obtain the same results as you would by choosing to combine them.

For example, you can choose to use geothermal water for heating the house and having hot water and you can use wind mills and solar panels for generating enough electricity for you and your family. This way your home will be truly efficient and the free and renewable energy sources you can grab these opportunities easily.

Not only that this is an environment friendly option, but you will also save some good money with it. There are taxes cuts and support for these practices as non renewable resources are about to end in the next decades.

There are a lot of these green resources you can use for your home and it would be silly if you did not. This is because they are the best option for both saving money and being ecologically friendly. You will make sure that reducing the carbon footprint is not only a story for your kids.

If you are looking for the best way for making your home more efficient, you should take a look at the large span of possibilities with green energy. The best approach is to choose more options for your home and combine them for a great final result.

In conclusion, there are a lot of efficient homes in the world and yours can become too if you will embrace green energy for heating and electricity. This is not hard due to the large number of possibilities you have and the costs are really not as high as you would expect. Besides this, you will save serious money while protecting the environment with your efficiency and non pollution.

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Reducing global warming and green energy

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The vast majority of energy producers used these days is non renewable. This is the cruel truth and we should be worried about its consequences for the humankind. Non renewable energy is produced with supplies that can’t be replaced immediately after using them. Oil, gases, coal and others are in this type. However, there are several types of green energy that use renewable supplies and that can take us further in the evolution scale.

Besides being great as it uses non renewable sources, green energy has a lot more advantages too. This type of energy is clearly cheaper that the others. Also, it reduces pollution and global warming being the most environmentally friendly type of energy.

Availability is another important characteristic of green energy. It is available for everyone who wants to use it and it never ends its resources. Therefore, it is the best alternative to the existent type of energy.

There are a lot of green energy types you can use and in this article you will find the most common of them:

1) Solar energy

The energy that comes from the sun is usable for hating and boiling water. There are photovoltaic cells that can be used for converting the energy of the light into solar energy. You can use solar energy for heating water or air and it is clear that you can use the energy from the sun over and over again.

2) Wind energy

The energy of the wind seems to be one of the most popular ways for creating green energy. Wind turbines are used for creating wind energy and they produce electricity. There can be small or enormous wind turbines depending on the needs. There were a lot of turbines in the past used for other purposes but these ones are used for the greater good of the humankind.

3) The energy of the water

The energy of the water is used for a lot of time for producing energy. The system is a relatively simple one with water flowing through turbines and producing green energy. The river waters are used for this and a lot of big cities are sustained through this technique.

4) Geothermal energy

A very important part of the alternative energy is the geothermal one. This type of energy is taken from the magma and the hot rocks from below the Earth. Bodies of waters are used for creating energy in parts of the world when this is possible.

5) Biomass

Biomass is a relatively new green energy producer. With this type of energy, direct combustion is used for producing renewable energy. Trash, sawdust, dry wood or left over crops can be used for this purpose. They have to be incinerated for producing energy. These wastes are considered biomass and this type of resources are considered renewable.

In conclusion, all these types of green energy resources are currently used. With them the pollution and the global warming are reduced to a minimum.

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Solar heating tubes for green energy

Solar collectors (water heating panels) for he...
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There are a lot of green energy resources available as scientists struggle to come with new ideas every year in this field. This is because the current classic energy is obtained through non renewable resources and the pollution is a very important aspect that is often overlooked. These days, wind mills are seen as a great alternative and in many countries governments have already applied them as an alternative to conventional resources.

The solar heating tubes are considered as a great green energy alternative. As the sun offers a lot of energy to the Earth, it is foolish not to use it in our purpose: creating energy. What we can exploit from the sun are its heat and its light. A lot of the solar energy is not used and it is practically wasted this way. Fossil fuels present a lot of downsides and this is why we should focus our efforts on discontinuing the use of them.

Both tenants and property owners have a lot of advantages by using solar heating tubes. The method is extremely cost effective and it can be one of the great changes of the 21 century. There is a lot of hot water that needs to be used in an entire building and this is why the costs for it decrease with solar heating tubes.

Solar heating tubes are the best ways for using the solar energy in our purpose: creating energy. Needless to say ha the solar energy is a renewable resource that is currently wasted. These tubes contain cylindrical receptors that allow receiving solar energy, absorbing it and transforming it into a utilizable energy. The energy is stored in a great way and therefore it can be later used.

There are copper rods used for the storage and they are extremely effective in this domain. Even if outside there are 0 degrees, inside the copper rods the temperature can reach 300 degrees. These technologies are great as they allow landlords from all over the world to use these solar heating tubes even in winter days.

There are a lot of advantages that come from using solar heating tubes. Besides reducing the pollution and the carbon footprint, you will save serious money and the resource is practically free. You will only have to choose the best solar heating tubes for your house or for the entire building and the cost for heating will be close to 0. This is a great way for saving money while being ecologically friendly.

In conclusion, the solar heating tubes are viable alternatives for conventional energy and they are one of the best options in the green energy domain.

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Going Green

Did you hear the one about the automotive company that was so dedicated to environmental responsibility, it not only designed cleaner carsÖit purchased cleaner electricity? Itís not an urban legend. Itís true, and that automotive company is Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc.!

Toyotaís commitment to Mother Earth has been recognized by a variety of U.S. environmental organizations, among them, the Environmental Protection Agency. They were also the first automaker to receive the United Nations Environmental Protection Global 500 Award.

Toyotaís sense of environmental responsibility is reflected in several of the vehicles they have developed over the past few years. Their Prius hybrid is among the first hybrid electric cars to be widely available within the United States. And a lesser known but equally great example is the Toyota e?com, an electric concept car designed for universities, corporate campuses, and similar places where people drive short distances with great frequency.

Now, Toyota has become one of the first automotive companies to make a commitment to purchase renewable power. They are purchasing a unique 100% renewable Green Mountain Energysm blend available in California, which supports 5% ìnewî wind generation. The wind power in this blend comes from three new wind turbines in San Gorgonio, Calif., developed last year specifically to serve Green Mountain Energysm customers.

Toyota expects to purchase approximately 40 million kWh of cleaner electricity from Green Mountain Energysm under the contract annuallyÖthe equivalent to the power used annually by 6,060 average California homes. Thank you, Toyota!