Biomass, the Source of Green Energy

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Biomass or bioenergy is seen as the main source of green energy that can be implemented, as it is using organic material, plants, animal waste and wood to create electricity, heat being of a great help in the production of bio fuels. The fact is, that with biomass hot water or [...]

Saving and making money with Green Energy

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Green energy is an often discussed topic these days. A lot of people believe that green energy is only great for the environment and that we have to use it in order to make our world safer and productive.

In reality, the costs are high for green energy but you can [...]

Green Energy used for efficient homes

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There are many types of efficient homes in the world. In these harsh economical times we live in, the cost efficiency should be an important aspect of our lives. There are homes using solar rays or solar warmth for heating and geothermal water heating. These are probably the most popular types [...]

Reducing global warming and green energy

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The vast majority of energy producers used these days is non renewable. This is the cruel truth and we should be worried about its consequences for the humankind. Non renewable energy is produced with supplies that can’t be replaced immediately after using them. Oil, gases, coal and others are in this [...]

Solar heating tubes for green energy

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There are a lot of green energy resources available as scientists struggle to come with new ideas every year in this field. This is because the current classic energy is obtained through non renewable resources and the pollution is a very important aspect that is often overlooked. These days, wind mills [...]

Going Green

Did you hear the one about the automotive company that was so dedicated to environmental responsibility, it not only designed cleaner carsÖit purchased cleaner electricity? Itís not an urban legend. Itís true, and that automotive company is Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc.!

Toyotaís commitment to Mother Earth has been recognized by a variety of [...]