Biomass, the Source of Green Energy

Sugar cane residue can be used as a biofuel
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Biomass or bioenergy is seen as the main source of green energy that can be implemented, as it is using organic material, plants, animal waste and wood to create electricity, heat being of a great help in the production of bio fuels. The fact is, that with biomass hot water or hot air can be obtained to further generate electricity. The process involves direct combustion, though it is seen as the simplest mean to obtain energy using biomass.

As mentioned before, biomass is helpful in producing hot air thus being considered a greener way of having our house and/or office heated. For this procedure you would have to burn the biomass in a furnace where the air is heated and then sent to warm up our office or home. Water can be as well heated with the same efficiency of heating the air.

Combining the potential of producing heat with producing electricity this can lead to generating a Combined Heat and Power – CHP. This ability to multiple purposing is something that experts consider to be the best of the biomass characteristics.

If you compare the solar sources for producing electricity and the biomass for the same purpose you will obtain more electricity produced by biomass. This power from within the biomass comes from the energy that plants and organic materials have taken from the sun storing it inside resulting in a huge mass of sun energy that can be given by the ‘concentrated form’ of the organic stuff.

This energy doesn’t need to be collected as it happens with the solar panels as it is available in this organic forms.

While biomass is used extensively there won’t be any dependency on oil production and as such no costs involved to have it. There is however a downside of the way this bioenergy is created – the fact that the waste needs to be burned in order to produce power.

This will be seen as an addition to the pollution that exists already in the environment that will trigger the signal of the ecologists and the concerns of many scientists from everywhere. But considering that bioenergy is related to plants, the future can be green, clean and renewable.

Plants are in fact the ones to take care and scrub the carbon dioxide from the air, as such being able to reduce the pollution. Using the biomass there will be the need of more plants growing and other green organic forms of life, therefore the land that has given oil can be used now into obtaining more crops to be harvested into getting more sources ready to produce biomass/bioenergy.

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