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Fall Back in Love with 情人节 Day: Marketing Ideas for 2022

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我有不少 情人节已经过去了, but the one I have the fondest memories of is when I was 13 years old. 

February 14 was the day my parents yielded to peer pressure and bought a microwave oven, 这是皇冠手机app下载家第一次. To celebrate this purchase, I invited 朋友 over to watch rom-coms (remember 笔记本?),享用微波美食.

This day had nothing to do with kisses and crushes, but love was in the air—and it smelled like buttery popcorn.

快进到2022年, spending this holiday the way we did back then has become quite common, 重点是在网上相聚. 事实上, February 14 is as inclusive as ever and celebrates all forms of love: romantic, 柏拉图式的, 和自爱.

对于企业主, this development opens new possibilities for products and designs way beyond heart-shaped candies and teddy bears.


While flowers and chocolates still remain high on gift shoppers lists, consumers are looking for new ways to celebrate this day, 而且不只是和他们的另一半, 还有和家人的关系, 朋友, 同事, 和宠物.

这种转变是由一个更 社会意识 以及有影响力的年轻一代. And they’re the ones in charge: younger millennials, ages 23–29, are the 最有可能的一代 to splash out on 情人节 since they make up the majority of singles looking for love or couples settling down. Gen X is close second when it comes to spending money on their loved ones, 其次是婴儿潮一代.

Gen Z and millennials, 然而, aren’t as interested in over-the-top romantic content. They’re celebrating 情人节 Day for the fun of it and aren’t interested in over-hyping their plans.

73% of millenials and Gen Zers think that 情人节 Day is just a good opportunity to show affection to their loved ones.

也就是说, 50%的13-36-year-olds still keep an eye out for Valentine-themed sales and promotions, so you shouldn’t be afraid to lean into the holiday. It just needs to be done in a way that highlights all the meaningful relationships people may have.

Here are 情人节 Day marketing ideas that will help you ride the wave of this well-established holiday and target your audience in a fun and memorable way.


浪漫的爱情 开始 it, but the key to a successful 情人节 Day 营销活动 is thinking non-romantically as well. 例如:

  • 跟上情人节的潮流吧. Galentine’s day takes place on February 13, celebrating female 朋友hips. This nonofficial holiday originates from a viral episode of the Parks and Recreation TV series and has become a popular real-life event among millennials. 你可以创建一个社交媒体帖子或整个 营销活动 在这一天.
  • 目标宠物主人. One in five people will buy gifts for their furry, 有羽毛的, four-legged companions during the lead up to St. 情人节. 为了满足这种需求, retailers launch products like heart-shaped treats and chewable bouquets of roses. Pet subscription service BarkBox released a dedicated “Palentine’s Day” collection in 2019.

    Consider creating designs that celebrate love for animals:

Once you’ve established who you want to target, it’s time to tweak your store.

2) Prepare and promote your irresistible offer

这个节日 is the time to get creative with your product catalog. Your competitors also want to take advantage of increased ecommerce sales in February, so here’s what you can do to prepare your store and marketing strategy:

  • Start a limited-time-only 情人节 Day product line
  • 创建礼品指南. Help spark 情人节 Day shoppers’ imagination and make decisions with a themed gift guide with some out-of-the-box ideas.
  • 给你的客户送一份礼物. Most gift shoppers are still recovering from their winter holiday shopping craze, and don’t expect hefty discounts in the first weeks of the new year. 要表达你的爱,就给他们 免费送货, 有条件免运费, or a love-ly coupon code; a refreshing 20–50% discount is a nice touch as well.
  • 创建一个约会之夜的皇冠官方APP下载系列

If you’re wondering what to sell for 情人节 Day, 匹配的t恤, 定制的珠宝, 盖上毯子, and loungewear sets are the perfect candidates.

我不是设计师,但我创造了这个 惊人的毯子在60秒内使用 Printul设计制造商
  • Take one of your best sellers and alter it with a 情人节 vibe
  • 介绍皇冠官方APP下载定制. 皇冠官方APP下载定制 will make your customer a co-producer of your brand. 除了, people will literally be telling you what kind of designs they want, so the data you gather from customization is a great source of inspiration on how you can further expand your catalog and build your brand image.

看看皇冠官方APP下载的 皇冠官方APP下载定制工具 that allows customers to make a product design their own!

  • 提供情侣套装
  • Update your product descriptions and add keywords 适用于这次促销活动. People are looking for 情人节 Day gifts for their loved ones, so make sure your products 功能的关键字 可能用于搜索.
  • 创建一个主题邮件活动. 一旦你准备好了报价 let your customers know about your deal with an email campaign. The most important detail in your campaign is the subject line.

最高的打开率来自 主题行可以产生紧迫感. Remind the customers of your delivery times and nudge them to start their 情人节 shopping as soon as possible.

3) Focus on user-generated content on social media

You should promote your offer not just through email, but your other brand marketing channels as well. Use 情人节 Day as an opportunity to have some fun and interact with your audience through your social media platforms. 

Let your visitors and customers get in on the fun through user-generated content:

  • 举办一场Instagram照片大赛. I think you’ll agree the best product photos are the ones with your customers enjoying what you’ve made. Take for example this adorable campaign by MeUndies and see if that’s something you can recreate in your store:
来源:Instagram / MeUndies
  • 创建一个标签 and ask your audience to submit their photos with your product. You can then pick the winner using an app or ask others to like their favorite photo.
  • Ask people to share a funny or cringy date story. Funny date fails are super entertaining to read. Host a giveaway and ask other readers to upvote their favorite story.
  • Invite your audience to share stories of love (and even heartbreak). Use storytelling to build a connection with your audience and 创建一个 sense of community.
  • 创建一个情人节投票. 轻轻一敲, your audience becomes more engaged with your brand and you gain valuable insights about your customers.
来源:Twitter /钩针

包括标签以扩大你的影响力, but don’t use them haphazardly—they should be an organic part of your #question.


While most retailers still focus on people buying 情人节 Day gifts for their loved ones, many brands recognize the opportunity to approach a wider audience and make their 情人节 Day offerings about pampering and “me time.”

  • Promote being single as a positive experience. Until recently, single people have been the forgotten demographic on 情人节 Day. 这个节日, 然而, is a great opportunity to remind people to show love to the person who needs it the most—themselves.
来源:Rent the Runway

5) Support a charity that’s close to your heart

情人节 Day is also a good time to give back and show a little love to the world outside your circle. 

  • 承诺捐赠 part of your 情人节 Day profits to a charity of your choice. 
  • 为了传播这个消息,你可以 创建一个 Facebook档案框架 慈善机构的支持者可以利用.


Showing your playful side will remind your customers that behind your brand there are real humans with a sense of humor and that’s always heart-warming. 学学谷歌,然后 在你的logo上玩得开心吗!


  • 改变你的Facebook页面的封面照片 to a themed image that reflects your brand (let’s leave out the heartsy stock photos though).

7)瞄准那些只是 不能 浪漫的东西

每个人表达情感的方式都不一样, and not all people who celebrate 情人节 Day are into the lovey-dovey stuff. 如果它符合你的品牌,你就可以 创建一个利基 that caters to those with a darker sense of humor.


大发横财的礼物 也是一件事. There are many people who like to show their stance against their perceived commercialization and unrealistic expectations of this holiday. 为什么不让他们也有一些乐趣呢?

标语t恤永远不会过时. When it comes to anti-情人节 designs, be sarcastic, but don’t be mean.

clever valentine's day shirt idea from ravelled knits


如你所见, 情人节 Day doesn’t have any limits—the celebrations can take the form of a fancy date, 和朋友一起看电影, 或者是非常需要的“自我时间”.” Think about how your target audience feels about this day, 调整你的活动来迎合他们的口味.
所以,走出去,做一些有趣的事情, 愚蠢的, 甜蜜的, or extraordinary—and tell me in the comments how it goes!

This article was originally published in January 2020; it has since been updated.

Madara is a content marketer for the 皇冠官方APP下载 Blog. Her background in linguistics and belief in the power of SEO come in handy when she’s creating content that inspires ecommerce store owners and helps them grow their business.


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