Going Green

Did you hear the one about the automotive company that was so dedicated to environmental responsibility, it not only designed cleaner carsÖit purchased cleaner electricity? Itís not an urban legend. Itís true, and that automotive company is Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc.!

Toyotaís commitment to Mother Earth has been recognized by a variety of U.S. environmental organizations, among them, the Environmental Protection Agency. They were also the first automaker to receive the United Nations Environmental Protection Global 500 Award.

Toyotaís sense of environmental responsibility is reflected in several of the vehicles they have developed over the past few years. Their Prius hybrid is among the first hybrid electric cars to be widely available within the United States. And a lesser known but equally great example is the Toyota e?com, an electric concept car designed for universities, corporate campuses, and similar places where people drive short distances with great frequency.

Now, Toyota has become one of the first automotive companies to make a commitment to purchase renewable power. They are purchasing a unique 100% renewable Green Mountain Energysm blend available in California, which supports 5% ìnewî wind generation. The wind power in this blend comes from three new wind turbines in San Gorgonio, Calif., developed last year specifically to serve Green Mountain Energysm customers.

Toyota expects to purchase approximately 40 million kWh of cleaner electricity from Green Mountain Energysm under the contract annuallyÖthe equivalent to the power used annually by 6,060 average California homes. Thank you, Toyota!

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