Reducing global warming and green energy

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The vast majority of energy producers used these days is non renewable. This is the cruel truth and we should be worried about its consequences for the humankind. Non renewable energy is produced with supplies that can’t be replaced immediately after using them. Oil, gases, coal and others are in this type. However, there are several types of green energy that use renewable supplies and that can take us further in the evolution scale.

Besides being great as it uses non renewable sources, green energy has a lot more advantages too. This type of energy is clearly cheaper that the others. Also, it reduces pollution and global warming being the most environmentally friendly type of energy.

Availability is another important characteristic of green energy. It is available for everyone who wants to use it and it never ends its resources. Therefore, it is the best alternative to the existent type of energy.

There are a lot of green energy types you can use and in this article you will find the most common of them:

1) Solar energy

The energy that comes from the sun is usable for hating and boiling water. There are photovoltaic cells that can be used for converting the energy of the light into solar energy. You can use solar energy for heating water or air and it is clear that you can use the energy from the sun over and over again.

2) Wind energy

The energy of the wind seems to be one of the most popular ways for creating green energy. Wind turbines are used for creating wind energy and they produce electricity. There can be small or enormous wind turbines depending on the needs. There were a lot of turbines in the past used for other purposes but these ones are used for the greater good of the humankind.

3) The energy of the water

The energy of the water is used for a lot of time for producing energy. The system is a relatively simple one with water flowing through turbines and producing green energy. The river waters are used for this and a lot of big cities are sustained through this technique.

4) Geothermal energy

A very important part of the alternative energy is the geothermal one. This type of energy is taken from the magma and the hot rocks from below the Earth. Bodies of waters are used for creating energy in parts of the world when this is possible.

5) Biomass

Biomass is a relatively new green energy producer. With this type of energy, direct combustion is used for producing renewable energy. Trash, sawdust, dry wood or left over crops can be used for this purpose. They have to be incinerated for producing energy. These wastes are considered biomass and this type of resources are considered renewable.

In conclusion, all these types of green energy resources are currently used. With them the pollution and the global warming are reduced to a minimum.

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