Melbourne, Australia 合作伙伴机构 Brisbane, Australia 合作伙伴机构 里加,拉脱维亚 Łodź,波兰 英国伯明翰 西班牙巴塞罗那 洛杉矶CA 夏洛特,数控 达拉斯,TX 加拿大多伦多 墨西哥提华纳 巴西圣保罗 合作伙伴机构 Rio de Janeiro, 巴西 合作伙伴机构 日本鹿岛 天,日本 合作伙伴机构 合作伙伴机构 Facility coming soon
Eco friendly clothing


Quality 你可以 rely on

因为质量 is 可持续性,皇冠手机app下载致力于为您提供耐用的皇冠官方APP下载.


The better the quality, the longer the product lasts. Before we add new products, 皇冠手机app下载所做的耐久性, 洗, 还有磨损测试,以确保它们能经受住时间的考验. 生产耐用皇冠官方APP下载意味着减少新购买.

皇冠手机app下载与供应商合作,生产高质量的皇冠官方APP下载,持续多次洗涤, keeping print colors vibrant 和 the fabric soft. 了解更多皇冠手机app下载最受欢迎的服装供应商, their sustainability information, 和 certifications in our apparel br和 guide.

To make our product sourcing more transparent, 今年,皇冠手机app下载为目录中的每一个皇冠官方APP下载添加了一个Source标签, 它能告诉你每件商品的制造商和原产国. You can also download product certificates—such as 表示 纺织协会-在皇冠手机app下载所有环保皇冠官方APP下载的描述标签.

Sustainable home living products
Quality sustainable fashion

Eco-friendly products

Our eco-friendly product collection consists of items that are made of at least 30% sustainable, 回收, or biodegradable materials.

因为皇冠手机app下载看到皇冠手机app下载的客户对环保皇冠官方APP下载的需求在增加, 皇冠手机app下载很乐意为顾客提供更多的时尚选择. Our eco-friendly product collection is growing along with the needs of our customers. In 2020, we've added 10 new eco-friendly products, 和 plan on adding 20 more in 2021. 这也包括皇冠手机app下载的第一个环保的全印花皇冠官方APP下载 All-Over Print Recycled High-Waisted Bikini!


皇冠手机app下载的许多皇冠官方APP下载都是采用直接到服装(DTG)技术印刷的. 与壳体, ink is sprayed onto the garment, 哪一种方法能让它更好地渗透到织物中,让图案不那么容易褪色. 要了解更多DTG与其他打印方法的区别, take a look at this article. 有关皇冠手机app下载皇冠官方APP下载使用的油墨的详细信息,请参阅 FAQ about our ink types.

For our DTG prints, we use Kornit machines 和 inks. Kornit uses high-quality, water-based vegan inks that they formulate, 测试, 和 produce in their own factories. Kornit油墨是无害的,无毒的,可生物降解的,并通过了认证 纺织协会 Eco的护照.

We print our posters with Epson inks that are certified by GreenGuard. For our all-over print products we use Mimaki printers—their inks are also certified with the 纺织协会 Eco的护照.

Find out more about:

Corporate social responsibility

Growth-driven 和 constantly curious

We value 和 celebrate people for who they are 和 stay committed to creating a work environment that is safe 和 welcoming for all.

Green office 和 mindset

人 are the core of our company. We encour年龄 responsible thinking 和 work on creating a positive environment around us.
Sustainable office space
Sustainable office supplies
Sustainability in office
Sustainable company
Ethics 和 social responsibility in company
We give back to our community 和 employees
We act with integrity 和 always strive to be better
Business ethics 和 social responsibility
Examples of corporate social responsibility


Our team is constantly curious, welcoming experiments 和 changes as part of our daily routine. We respect 和 care about one another, work together to reach our goals, 和 act with empathy 和 kindness.

We've created the 皇冠官方APP下载 Green Team—皇冠官方APP下载ers from all our facilities dedicated to exploring new 和 environmentally conscious ways of doing things. They're continuously working on improving our internal recycling system 和 keeping coworkers informed about best practices.

在2020年末, any new 皇冠官方APP下载 employees joining the fulfillment team started receiving recycling training—so far, 65% of employees have been trained. 皇冠手机app下载的目标是在2021年底实现全部训练率, which we will then strive to maintain in the future, training as many people as possible, one person at a time.

Socially responsible companies


We’re committed to giving back. 皇冠官方APP下载’s sponsorship activities focus on supporting informal education methods that help people develop skills to succeed in the 年龄 of tech. In 拉脱维亚, we host a free annual programming summer school to mentor people interested in IT. 两周的课程结束后,皇冠手机app下载为最优秀的学生提供工作机会. 

皇冠官方APP下载 also has a long-term partnership with Junior Achievement 拉脱维亚—a non-governmental organization 和 an expert in business education in 拉脱维亚n schools. 自2013年以来, we’ve been welcoming high school students in our 拉脱维亚 office once a year to show them various job opportunities 和 realities of everyday work.


The journey of becoming more environmentally aware is a long one, 和 we remain open-minded 和 welcome customers' suggestions 和 opinions. We're starting with realistic, tangible goals, 和 looking ahead to find new ways to improve.


皇冠官方APP下载 currently has fulfillment centers across the globe that fulfill 和 ship 311 premium products. There isn’t a single one-size-fits-all packaging solution because different products require different packaging types. 然而, we’re working on reducing the environmental footprint that comes with our packaging.

Even though the change is going to be gradual, 和 we’re moving forward one step at a time:

  • we’ve started using post-consumer 回收 plastics to pack年龄 apparel orders shipped from our in-house facilities
  • we’ve eliminated the second layer of plastic packaging for all single-item shipments in all locations
  • 消除海报包装中使用塑料盖的需要, 皇冠手机app下载已由硬纸筒换成了三角形的盒子
  • 给皇冠手机app下载现在使用的塑料邮袋增加回收说明
  • 寻找更可持续的方法来取代塑料包装

截至2021年5月, we started using packaging made of post-consumer 回收 (PCR) plastics. PCR plastics are made from items people recycle every day, like plastic bags 和 bottles. 皇冠手机app下载大部分的PCR塑料都是由购物袋和包装薄膜制成的.

We use PCR plastic packaging for all apparel orders shipped from our in-house facilities. 每个地方包装上的PCR量都不一样,但是 外部(白色或灰色)塑料邮袋至少50%,并且至少 30% for the inside (clear) bags that are used in multi-item shipments.

PCR包装保护皇冠官方APP下载就像原始塑料袋一样, 和 they look almost the same. 然而, choosing PCR over virgin plastics minimizes the environmental impact plastic has on our planet.

皇冠手机app下载知道在减少包装足迹方面还有很多工作要做, 皇冠手机app下载将继续探索未来更环保的选择.

在2020年期间,皇冠手机app下载增加了10种新的环保皇冠官方APP下载, 仅在2021年, we plan on adding 20 more. Have a look at the entire eco-friendly product collection 找到最适合你的品牌和风格的皇冠官方APP下载.

Discrimination is not accepted at 皇冠官方APP下载. 皇冠手机app下载有一个平等的工作场所,皇冠手机app下载的雇用和雇用决定, including those relating to compensation, 好处, 促销活动, training 和 development, 纪律, 和终止, are made solely on the basis of skills 和 performance, 而不是比赛, color, 宗教, 祖先, 性, 性别认同, 国家的起源, 性取向, 年龄, 残疾, 资深地位, or other characteristics.

印刷的目标是尽可能透明,皇冠手机app下载承诺 ensuring ethical 和 fair-labor practices 在皇冠手机app下载自己的运营中,皇冠手机app下载寻求并期望皇冠手机app下载的供应商也这样做. 你可以了解更多皇冠手机app下载最受欢迎的服装供应商, their sustainability information, 和 certifications in our apparel br和 guide.

在皇冠手机app下载的皇冠官方APP下载目录下,你可以找到一个Source标签, 它提供了每个项目的制造商和原产国的信息. 每一个环保皇冠官方APP下载都有可下载的证书,例如 表示 纺织协会—linked in the Description tab.

皇冠手机app下载的碳足迹计算仍在进行中, 皇冠手机app下载致力于沟通皇冠手机app下载的进步和变化.

2020年底, we started calculating our carbon footprint 和 the total amount of waste our business generates. Our calculations will be based on the entire product journey: from the second the product arrives at 皇冠官方APP下载’s doorstep, to the moment it reaches the end customer.